Who am I?
Hi there!
I'm Rounak, a designer from Kolkata, India.

Starting off as a graphic designer, I had a fast transition into visual design, and gradually built up the skillset for the UX side of things too, to be in the profession that I am today.

I love to read books – from the likes of Paul Rand, Michael Bierut, Steve Krug, Peter Morville, Ellen Lupton, Susan Weinschenk, and Donald Norman; to Seth Godin, Marty Neumeier, Simon Sinek, Jason Fried, Bill Aulet, and Alexander Osterwalder; and then again to Cal Newport, Adam Grant, Richard Rumelt, Robert Cialdini, and Roman Tschäppeler.

Oh, and yes! I also love to teach - so that I can not only help others, but also because it helps me to learn more effectively.

Cheers!  💛​​​​​​​
Work Experience
UX Designer / Attim
I'm researching, conceptualising and designing the business and product experience, of a tool that brings features from Autonomous Vehicles (AV) to non-AV domestic 4-wheelers, in the form of an HUD. I'm also designing the experience, and establishing a consistent visual design language, for TREX - a dashboard-based service for Machine Learning researchers to map and track their code across different papers and experiments.

UX Design Lead / Cookytech
JUN 2019 – NOV 2020
I was responsible for working on all stages in the life of multiple client-projects, from project planning and scoping, to post-deployment monitoring & reviewing with stakeholders. I collaborated with developer teams, and managed multiple cross-platform projects involving design-overhauls, UX audits and branding. I also created design tools & templates to refine internal processes, and evangelised UX within the organisation.

Interface Designer / Cookytech
DEC 2018 – JUN 2019
I designed interfaces and interactions for multi-platform projects, while ensuring that the business needs of the client-organisations were met. Initially I led the visual design and brand identity, crafted a style guide for Cookytech, and helped manage the creation of an exhaustive pattern library for a faster and refined project-delivery experience.

Design Team Lead / StarWords India
DEC 2017 – DEC 2018
I led various design projects involving graphic design, web design, and typesetting for multiple book launches, promotional events and more. I also helped in the delivery of UX copy to several client organisations, working closely with content writers and the marketing team.
A' Design Award & Competition 2021
Milan, Italy
Winner – Website & Web Design

droidcon Italy 2020 / Speaker
Turin, Italy
A talk on – A Design-centric Approach to Development

A' Design Award & Competition 2020
Milan, Italy
Runner-up – Interface & Interaction Design

droidcon Italy 2019 / Speaker
Chennai, India
A talk on – A UX Primer for Designers & Developers